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Congregation Bet Mishpachah condemns the recent Executive Orders on refugees and immigrants, which are based on the false premise that everyone from certain countries or faiths represents a threat to the United States and the American people.  Discriminatory policies based on national origin or religion are an affront to our Constitution and anathema to our deepest held values as Jews, LGBTQ people, and Americans.

We are committed to welcoming the stranger, inviting in the refugee, helping those in need, and celebrating our diversity because we are Jews, LGBTQ people, and Americans.  One of the most repeated phrases in the Torah is "because you were slaves in the land of Egypt."  This phrase reminds us to have empathy and respect for oppressed others, because we have known oppression.

At Bet Mishpachah, our House of the Family, we understand that family is more than flesh and blood.  Family is made through love and commitment.  Home is made through love and commitment.  With great love, we join with others around the country to oppose this senseless exclusion of the supposed "other".  We commit ourselves to welcoming immigrants and refugees to our home.